FREEDOM Book Launch

FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition was launched at the Royal Geographical Society in London on 2 June 2016.

Author of FREEDOM, Jeremy Griffith presenting at the book launch - World Transformation Movement Hertfordshire

Author of FREEDOM, Jeremy Griffith presenting at the launch

Jeremy Griffith presented his scientific solution to the human condition with Sir Bob Geldof giving the keynote address. WTM Patron Tim Macartney-Snape, who was the first Australian to climb Mount Everest, and he accomplished the feat unassisted and without oxygen (and incidentally is the brother of the famous and fabulously talented UK illustrator Sue Macartney-Snape) was the MC.

Sir Bob Geldof with author Jeremy Griffith at the book launch of FREEDOM - World Transformation Movement UK

Sir Bob Geldof with Jeremy Griffith at the book launch of FREEDOM

Sir Bob Geldof was essentially knighted for his concern for humanity and so his role at the launch was to express that concern by pleading for scientists like Jeremy to save the world. Jeremy then presented that desperately needed scientific solution to the world’s problems and in the process was also able to explain why the idealistic dogma of Sir Bob’s left-wing philosophy has actually oppressed the search for knowledge and worked against progress to enlightenment (More is explained about left-wing dogma here) .

FREEDOM by Jeremy Griffith - World Transformation Movement

FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition by Jeremy Griffith

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FREEDOM is an honest and powerful look at why humans behave the way we do, and how we can change ourselves and the world we live in.

Griffith argues that like all living creatures, our species must once have been controlled by instinct, but when our fully conscious mind emerged, it wasn't enough for it to be orientated by instincts, it had to find understanding to operate effectively and fulfil its great potential to manage life. It was at this point that a psychologically upsetting battle developed between our already established instinctive self and newer, self-managing conscious mind, the result of which is our angry, egocentric and alienated condition.

Griffith says, "We still need to overcome the difficult responsibility of facing and accepting the truth about our embattled condition. But with the arrival of understanding of the human condition, we can know that humans' whole competitive, self-preoccupied, selfish, must-win-power-fame-fortune-and-glory way of living has been made redundant. In fact, the fundamental situation the human race is now in is that the competitive way of living has become pointless, meaningless, because it doesn't progress the human race to greater knowledge as it once did because the key piece of knowledge that we needed to find, of understanding of the human condition, has been found."

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FREEDOM chapter synopsis

Chapter 1. An analysis of the true nature of the human condition and our species’ intrinsic fear of the subject, and a summary of the understanding that is able to end the underlying insecurity and resulting psychosis of everyone’s condition and, through doing so, transform every human into a new, human-condition-free person.

Chapter 2. Why and how biologist E.O. Wilson and the rest of mechanistic science have been leading humanity to terminal alienation. Unable to confront the psychological dilemma of the human condition—our species’ seemingly inexplicable capacity for both ‘good and evil’—humanity and its vehicle for enquiry, mechanistic science, has been in denial of the issue, presenting increasingly dishonest excuses for our uniquely contradictory behaviour.

Chapter 3. The truthful, human-condition-confronting, fully accountable, psychosis addressing-and-solving,real biological explanation of the human condition. The human condition emerged 2 million years ago when our intellect evolved sufficiently to wrest control from our instincts—a conflict that caused an upsetting psychological condition that is the underlying issue in all human affairs.

Chapter 4. The teleological meaning of human existence. With humans’ upset state defended, we can finally recognise the true integrative meaning of life and the laws of physics that govern it.

Chapter 5. How humans acquired their altruistic moral soul. Evidence from primatology and anthropology illustrates how ‘love-indoctrination’, the process whereby nurturing leads to infants being ‘indoctrinated’ into behaving selflessly, led to the emergence of genuinely altruistic moral instincts in our ancestors.

Chapter 6. Mechanistic science’s dangerous denial of the nurturing origins of humans’ moral nature. Current nurturing-denying scientific explanations for our cooperative behaviour are exposed and dismantled; includes description of the resistance this explanation has met, and its ultimate triumph in the biggest defamation case in Australia’s history.

Chapter 7. The fully accountable biological explanation for how, why and when humans became conscious.

Chapter 8. The denial-free account of our species’ heroic journey from ignorance to enlightenment. Humanity’s 7+ million year journey from Sahelanthropus through to Homo—a progression driven by our developing psychology—is paralleled with the life of an individual through Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence to Adulthood.

Chapter 9. How this psychosis-addressing-and-explaining, real biological explanation of the human condition heals our species’ upset and transforms the human race.

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